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Linda, TX 

“Following my knee replacement surgery, I struggled to make progress on my recovery. I turned to the healing options the EE System had to offer. The combined services I received of healing Scalar technology, massage, and tuning forks not only expedited my healing journey but lifted my spirits. I gained mobility, felt much-needed relief from pain, and slept better”

Marilyn, PA

“Took my mother who is 87 for sessions after 4 sessions for 2 hours - she no longer has neuropathy which was extremely painful. The doctor’s solution was more medication with harmful side effects so she declined and was so happy when it disappeared.”

Jim, NJ

“I started EES when there were only 3 centers in the US. After the first 3 sessions, my mobility improved, my back pain subsided and I stopped shaking. My mind is clearer every session. Gotta love the new technology. Met with Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, and she explained everything in detail and how the system works. If it wasn't for Jason, I would have never known about it”

Raul, TX

"Before experiencing the Energy Enhancement System I had several issues. After a few hours in the system I noticed that my hypertension was lowered and my headaches were diminish. Another trouble I had was my blood sugar roller coaster, but after a few visits it become more stable and manageable"

Candi, TX

"I am post DCIS breast cancer surgery, the large, hard tissue area surrounding the incision began to decrease with each session and inflammation was breaking apart. It has reduced from the size of a bar of soap to about a quarter size now! My chronic sinus congestion and allergy cough I had for 2 months went away. I have an extreme increase in energy levels and I feel recharged when I leave!"

Marina, FL

"My husband Harry is 85 years old and was diagnosed with elevated glucose level. He is checking his glucose every morning, recording it for the last 3 months being between 150 and 175. He did not take it after the first visit but after the second visit his level was down to 125, and after the 3rd visit of 2 hours each time his level came down to 115. This is the first time he is this low."

Davei, NY

"I have been dealing with severe anxiety and depression for a few years now. I did not expect to “feel” anything the first time I went in, but after a few minutes I could literally feel the energy as a tingling in my fingertips. After 20 minutes, I felt almost euphoric and my mood increased to a level that I haven’t felt in years."

Donna, CA

"Enhanced my energy, clarity of mind, eased arthritic joints, calm and peace of mind like never before. Thank you!"

Jill, NY

"It was such a stunning experience. We felt relaxed,peaceful & at ease. Feeling comfortable & cozy while healing is Amazing. It will be part of our routine!"

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