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About Us

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During the spring of 2021, I decided to reach out to a location mentioned on the EESystems website, located in Fairfield, IA. Unfortunately, it turned out that they were solely utilizing the technology for their own benefit and were not offering it to the public. Nevertheless, my curiosity about this remarkable healing technology was piqued, and it was only recently that I stumbled upon Jason’s YouTube videos discussing the expansion of the EES network to aid others.

As I delved deeper into the subject, I experienced a profound sense of purpose and a strong inner calling to contribute to humanity’s well-being through the use of this remarkable technology. For some time now, I have been drawn to the idea of assisting humanity in the realm of health recovery, yet I was uncertain about the specific path I should take. Over the past two years, I have personally embarked on a holistic healing journey, exploring various alternative health treatments and successfully overcoming certain ailments. This transformative experience has placed me in a unique position, motivating me to guide others toward healthier alternatives as we collectively navigate this exciting period of progress.

I believe that by actively participating in the dissemination of the Energy Enhancement System and promoting better health practices, we can collectively advance toward a brighter and healthier future. I am eager to embrace this opportunity and make a positive impact on the lives of others as we move forward in this thrilling time ahead.

About the Owner

Rodney Hudepohl

I am an entrepreneur who grew up on a farm in Williamsburg, IA. I have been called to a bigger purpose in supporting the surrounding communities with a technologically advanced healing center through a partnership with EESystem and Unifyd Healing. I myself have been on my own personal healing journey over the years and want to empower and support others to enable greater health. I am inspired by the potential of EESystem technology to support all humanity. I am excited to be a part of this community and I cannot wait to hear your story. Send an email or book an appointment to see how you can take a step to feel like a more optimal version of yourself!

Rodney Huedepohl (Owner)

What People Are Saying?


Linda, TX 

“Following my knee replacement surgery, I struggled to make progress on my recovery. I turned to the healing options the EE System had to offer. The combined services I received of healing Scalar technology, massage, and tuning forks not only expedited my healing journey but lifted my spirits. I gained mobility, felt much-needed relief from pain, and slept better”

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